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What purchases are eligible for american express rewards

Q: Where can I see transactions which qualified for additional rewards?
A: International purchases are eligible for base-level rewards.
In this case you would not earn additional rewards for restaurant purchases.
In most cases, purchases made outside fortnite br level rewards the United payless4lighting discount code States are not eligible for additional rewards.A: In some cases, you may not receive additional rewards if you make a purchase with a third party because of the way those third parties process payments.For example, in most cases you will not receive additional rewards on a purchase if the merchant submits the purchase using a mobile or wireless card reader (e.g.You can view your current or previous statements within Statements Activities to see the Bonus Details link at the bottom of the page.Membership Reward terms and conditions.Living Social, Groupon) with a third-party travel website (e.g.Rewards Categories, airfare, select Car Rental Companies, hotels.BestBuy, Boost Mobile) at a merchant located within another establishment (e.g., a restaurant located inside a hotel where the restaurant is coded as a hotel, and not as a restaurant) *This does not apply to Cards where you earn additional rewards on travel as a category.
Q: How do I find out if my Card has categories where I earn additional rewards?
A: When we say United States,.S., we mean the 50 states, plus Puerto Rico, the.S.
Depending upon the Card product, only some purchases in specific travel industry categories air, hotel, and car rentals made in certain countries outside the United States are eligible for additional rewards.PayPal, Google Wallet) with a third-party deal site (e.g.Select Computer Hardware, Software, and Cloud Computing.See specific sections of this website for more information.Wireless Telephone Service Providers,.S.

For example, purchases made at a restaurant located within a hotel may be recognized as a purchase at a hotel, not a restaurant.