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Southern strategy to win the civil war

The city remains defiant as armed mobs attack Federal sailors.
Lincolns 2 minute speech follows a 2 hour speech by Hon.
An attack by Union General Fitz John Porter is cleanly stopped by CSA artillery.Walker Governor to protect the planter aristocracy.General Grant keeps the pressure on Lee, but will lose so many men on the secondary charges at Cold Harbor, Virginia that he will later state those Union charges were regretable.In March, a Federal fleet sailed down the.Jefferson Davis and Stephen Mallory was captured en route to Florida, but Secretary of the Confederate Treasury Judah Benjamin escaped Florida from a sailboat in Sarasota Bay.By early April,1865 Lees armies will have fallen back abandoning Petersburg and the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia.Florida's black population was not as large percentagewise as South Carolina and Mississippi, but showed that years of slavery did not mean a lack of leadership skills.Even upon acceptance of the truth, many planters believed they had successfully defended their cause.
In the Battle of Olustee, the largest battle in Florida's Civil theme anime win 8 War, Confederate troops crushed the Union advance and sent the Federal troops retreating to Jacksonville.Florida, thus, became the only Confederate capital east of the Mississippi to not fall to Union attack.Whenever the Democrats regained local control, they passed new Black Codes to eliminate black voters with laws requiring poll taxes and literacy tests and other political rules.Popes attacks continue with little effect.He drives Jubal Early from the lower Shenandoah Valley for good.THE invasion OF florida Florida was so far south it had its own Civil War.Civil War Timeline July 13,1863.The New York City Draft Riots ( Draft Week ) start and will continue for 3 hellish pecially for blacks.Of the 69 delegates, 58 were slave owners.