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Magento reward points extension free

The Points Rewards extension for Magento 1 adds an appealing loyalty program to legitimate paid survey sites 2017 the list of your store offers.
199 Visit mirasvit Reward Points by Mirasvit User-friendly interface Include social activity rewards Able to spend and earn reward point easily Allow arranging and controlling sales and promotions Easy to create spending rules for customers Magento 2 Reward Point by Mirasvit is a perfect marketing.
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This Rewards Program Magento Extension also allows adding extra points to user accounts manually to encourage the most active customers, etc.Inspire them to invite more friends to the store by presenting bonuses of the referral system and see benefits from fast audience growth in action.Reward Points for Magento 2, magento Vendor, name.Encourage customers to spend more and use fortnite save the world promo code your store services to their fullest, make loyal friends and keep them satisfied with in-store currency rewards.Magento Invitations extension customers can earn reward points for referring a friend who registers new account (Requires.The transactions history is also shown there alongside with email notification options.V2.0.4 (November 13, 2012) add new type of applying point "Fixed Reward Points for whole cart" for "shopping cart earning rule".0.3 (November 06, 2012) * Update text and email template * Fixed bug when applying programs by priority.0.2 (0ctober 31,1012) Remove capcha when.Social media metrix such as Facebook, Twiiter, Google.Optimize code * Fixed bug link email template store view * Fixed sql to upgrade from RWL * fixed bug cancelled order * fixed bug refund order * fixed bug relating to spend maximum points * edit Template_integration.49 Visit amasty Reward Points by Amasty Allow rewarding customers when they purchase, register, share, etc Easy to add or minus points Help set exchange rate Easily configure all actions To thank customers for shopping at your store, the Magento 2 Reward Points extension.
Customers will be able to use their reward points in the shopping carts.
Compatible with Magento.9 and Magento.14 * Fix bug still place order when balance not enought to purchase "Sell products in points" * Fix bug send email when balance decreased by refund.2.3(March 12, 2014) * Fixed bug customer's balance has not.The most popular earning rule is for each X spend customers receive Y points.Show your customers they can get points for their friends full cart and stimulate an increase in purchase rates of your store.Customize rules, assign exchange rates, specify actions that trigger rewards and do all of this using advanced but comprehensible settings in the Rewards extension for Magento.Thus, one of the main tasks of the business is to retain clients and return to the store.It allows admins to create reward programs for their customers.

Ability to boost the traffic, allow following loyalty program, the.
Added reward points expiration feature.
Reward points are returned after the full or partial order refund Added Multi Store View support Added Magento.8 support.1.1 - 07 Oct, 2013 Fixed the bug of taxation with reward points used.1.0 - 19 Aug, 2013 Added license information in all.