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How to get discount movie tickets

how to get discount movie tickets

If you want to get a better deal, youll want to choose a different time of day.
AMC pays eBates a commission every time someone who comes from eBates buys a ticket.And youre paying for that luxury every time you see movies in imax.The core concept is the same get a card who will win the giro d italia and spend money in the theater esso extra points to rbc rewards to earn credit towards free/discounted purchases at the theater.Following companies, and not just theaters, is a great way to get exclusive deals and discounts as most companies are looking to increase their social media following, so they offer exclusive deals to their followers to entice more people to follow them.Purchase them 25 or more at a time, and you'll pay a lot less.Most cards offer member perks, some of which can be discounts at the movie theater.All it takes is seizing on it, its a piece of cake.
That way, youre not overwhelmed by temptation to buy nachos and hot dogs premium snacks that cost a premium price.
When you book tickets, youll avoid extra fees, and you might even get a heads up about cheap movie days, special discounts, and coupons for concessions like popcorn, drinks, and candy to relieve some of the burden on your wallet.Since movie tickets are relatively inexpensive, they make a popular gift in instant win and other low key types of sweepstakes.Get group tickets Almost all major national theater chains offer group sittings where you can purchase tickets for a group (family, discount hardwood flooring spokane friends, coworkers, etc) and see the movie with the group.For example, for 15 a year, AMC Stubs Premiere members enjoy benefits like 5 Ticket Tuesdays and free upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks.I love going to the movies.You won't see the ticket price till it's time to enter your debit card number, so be careful.

While you can go to a ticket sales website to save some money (something Ill get to in a bit) you can also go to your local theaters site.
Plenty of people avoid getting involved with community events, but this is nothing to pass up!
Chase Freedom and, discover More offer as much as 5 cash back on various purchases in rotating categories.