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Dont put in the dryer.Hachik, the preserved body of Hachik - Japan's most famous dog - is on display on the second floor of the museum's Japan Gallery wing.That way, we can clearly see the pet's markings - we don't want to miss a thing!Thinking they would return soon, the team left 15 Sakhalin Huskies chained up at the unmanned base.We do NOT accept items that have been how to send amazon gift recalled, banned, or do not meet safety standards.There are many reasons you need to wash stuffed animals : the attack of the stomach bug, they can be dusty from sitting on a shelf, a little too much love from the owner, lice or other varmints, or frequent washing for kiddos with allergies.Product Drop-Off or Mailing Locations, please scroll to the bottom of the page to view our product donation guidelines.If items are glued on, the hot water might dissolve some of the glue.
The valuation is the responsibility of the donor.
Books appropriate for ages 0 to pre-teen.Please see my disclosure policy for more details. Is my little one going to have a melt-down if I take the stuffed animal away long enough to wash it?We've shipped Petsies to countries all over the world.What kinds of pet photos work best?General: Blankets should be, nEW or newly handmade.They get great reviews.