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Gifts to give your boss for christmas

Try this 2009 La Follette Manchester Ridge Chardonnay for starters.
No matter what kind of person he or she is, chances are you are looking for.Well, if you want my opinion, and you probably dont, but since I am writing this Ill give it to you anyway: dont DO IT!Image source: m, why settle for a fake plastic plant when your boss can have a real one?There are all manner of funny gifts you can get your boss.So if youre the boss, do the humane thing and politely tell your staff that while this is the season of perpetual giving, youd rather see them buy for their family and friends or give to charity in lieu of you.Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.A real live plant that doesnt need a lot of maintenance but still looks gorgeous sitting there on top of the desk.To make this truly special gift, all you need are a few smooth stones of different sizes, and a Sharpie!Bosses are human, too, and will know what you're doing.
For the same reason clothing irons have Never iron clothes while being worn on their warning labels.
3, gather up store ads in the newspaper or a generic website and browse through them to get ideas.If you do decide to go the gift card route, experts recommend a range of 10.Did a good job?Scroll down for more gift ideas!Give your boss their very own stash of these Anthon Berg Dark Chocolate Liqueurs.But unless you read every word and know its not too sexy or it doesnt go against your bosss morals and values, dont.6, personalize your gift.Did this article help you?Avoid pranks, elaborate or otherwise.The trick is to find something manly, but not too personal.