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Free instagram account giveaway 2016

A highly shareable post will drive social shares by itself, which leads to greater exposure walmart discount flights and impression share, while the giveaway entry criteria should accomplish the secondary goal of growing your Instagram audience.
For instance, she learned that she had a loyal (and growing) following in London, despite being based on the East Coast of the United States.
In the end, she ran the giveaway from Tuesday morning to Wednesday evening, giving entrants a full seven days to enter.These are: A strong, color image to serve as the basis for the post Efficient use of text announcing the giveaway For her Instagram giveaway, Nicky used the following image: As you can see, the main image of the post features a bold, colorful visual.You need to make sure people have enough incentive to enter your giveaway by offering something sufficiently attractive, but without taking a serious loss on the product you choose to give away.Its important to note that while Instagram analytics data can be immensely useful, you should approach this data carefully if youre examining it after a giveaway.An example of an Instagram giveaway post.Before you can do this, youll need an actual Instagram post to use.My wife Nicky recently ran her first Instagram giveaway to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the opening of her design studio and enamel pin company, catparty (yes, all caps, and no, I wont apologize for such a shameless plug).After her giveaway had concluded, Nicky went through her Instagram feed and entered all the names of entrants who had abided by the rules into a spreadsheet.Although Instagram offers some decent tools of its own, its still a little lacking.
Step 3: Decide How Long Your Instagram Giveaway Will Last The next decision you need to make is how much time youll give your audience to enter your Instagram giveaway.
Also, think about time zones and international audiences.
Still, its not bad for a free tool.Include too few fields and you risk failing to achieve your goal of growing your following (or capturing too little data about your prospects).It lets the winner know theyve won in a fun and exciting way, and also gives you the chance to thank the unlucky entrants as well as let your audience know about relevant forthcoming sales or future competitions.The length of your Instagram giveaway might depend on several factors.By now, you might be wondering how successful catpartys inaugural Instagram giveaway was.For one, theres the size of your existing following.