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Virtually all of the German houses had temporary felt roofs; those houses occupied by British families were reslated first, in 1953.
It was so awful that Mother cried when she first saw.
There were beautiful blue and green lizards and many birds.We would catch some fireflies, put them in a glass jar and eat our evening meal on the verandah by their light; then we would release them into the warm night again.There was a Union-flag metal badge on the front and back bumper, as required by Allied occupation rules.An erstwhile ADC of my father's went back in recent years to the house we lived in and found little had changed and received a warm welcome.He lived just outside the perimeter of the depot, but used to enter through a door in the walls.Unfortunately, the rainy season had started early.It was a great change from the usual fizzy ginger ale that was the only special drink available as a treat for a small boy at the British Officers' Club.Anyway, my father, mother, baby sister and I flew up to Chingola.We were delighted to hear our favourites again.
There was an island that we used to circumnavigate about 30 minutes from the moorings; such a sail took most of the day because the wind direction required many changes of course rather than a simple, straight-line approach and return.
We were forced into a long detour to the nearest bridge.And what a story he gifts for your mum has to tell!He continues by describing the life that he led as an army child in West Berlin then a frontline city on the very edge of the Iron Curtain at the start of the Cold War era, until his father was posted away.Spain has modernised impressively, but Gibraltar's years of isolation seem to have left it behind, and in need of a lick of paint.' SW (b.1963).My primary school in Berlin was a former three-storied SchloƟ (castle, or fortified mansion) in its own substantial grounds on rising land.