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BA P741 Concorde Affair 79 (79) aka: Das Concorde Inferno Ruggero Deodato directed this violent suspense film right before his infamous 'Cannibal Holocaust'.
In the first, a hooker in white furs karate-chops the top of a guy's head rio buffet local discount off!Neat little heist film.This is the absolute sleaziest post-apoc sci-fi we have ever seen! .But before all that, her fiancé builds an automaton, and she falls in love with.D83 Unguarded Moment, The (56) aka: L'enquête de l'inspecteur Graham aka: In den Fängen des Teufels A beautiful teacher is protective of a high school boy who sexually harassed her, and later he becomes a murder suspect.All is not as it seems and their warm reunion soon turns into a 24 hour liaison with death!I am warning you right now, this is rough stuff.Rita is freaking out!Stars Harry Bauer With English subtitles. .Also starring Lou Castel and Matt Damon.
BA D62 Black Hair, Velvet Soul (82) aka: Dan Oniroku kurokami nawa fujin Gambling and drunken sleaze-bag husband gives up the deed to his wife's restaurant in order to stay out of trouble with the mob.
Desire more this season and save with Balsam Hill.BA D26 Rage to Live, A (65) aka: A corps perdu Suzanne Pleshette plays a nymphomaniac who tries to overcome her insatiable appetite for men and save her marriage.A young and cute Lori Laughlin also stars along with Adriennnne!Set designs are rich and creative, political madness pretty much dead on for 1969 and the outlook from then outlandish and grim.Once there they are attacked by a giant eyeball creature and then captured by alien-lizard men!We see this so frequently, and yet here in 1933, it becomes a fascinating piece of work, with actors handing objects to themselves in the split screen.

Imagine it called 'Tarzan in Alaska'! .
A506 Bride of Monstermania (00) Watch the Skies!: Science Fiction, the 1950s and Us (05) Two documentaries of monsters and science fiction simply loaded with nostalgia for the die-hard fan.
Hell-bent on revenge he hires Paulescu, a gypsy king figure, to borrow his horribly deformed servant, whom he turns into a ravishing beauty with another formula he is working.