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Can you pay off credit card with gift card

This is a generous amount of time to pay off your debt without incurring finance charges.
If its tough to make credit card payments because youre drowning in debt, take steps to reduce.For one thing, there will probably be a fee involved.Do I earn enough to cover discount furniture stores austin my costs?The money that you save can then be put towards repaying your credit card debt.We vetted each card based on its reward offers, introductory and eventual APR, annual fee, bonus, recommended credit score, late fee, balance transfer fee, foreign transaction fee, redemption rates, transfer options, customer reviews and extra perks.Don't miss: Like this story?If, for example, you owe 1,000 on a card charging 19 interest and another 1,000 on one charging 34interest, concentrate on the card charging 34 first and pay off as much as you can.With the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card ( Review for example, you could earn 50,000 points for spending 4,000 on the card in the first three months.Dont use the cards for cash withdrawals.You could either cash one of those or use your card to take a cash advance from the ATM then deposit the money into your checking account and use it to pay your bill.Thank you for your feedback.
If you cant afford this, pay as much as you can card companies have to let you set up an automated payment for any amount you choose.
As with the heloc method, this strategy comes with risk.Lets say you have one card, cleverly named Card.You know passbooks coupon code those convenience checks your card issuer sends in the mail?However, there are some pitfalls to consider before opting for a balance transfer.With a standard credit card, if you always pay off your monthly bill in full, you can enjoy between 45 and 59 days of interest-free credit.If doing so will help you save on interest, consolidate your payments and pay your debt off faster, it can be a good idea.As a credit card customer who already has more than one card, or who may be considering getting a second card, you could be asking yourself, Can I pay off the balance of one card with another card?If youre worried about losing control, you could cut up Card A and delete its number from any saved online accounts.After the intro period is up (often around 12 to 18 months your card issuer will start charging a regular interest rate which could be as high as 1822 or more.If your spending and debt are under control but youre not earning enough to cover your monthly costs, brainstorm ways to pump up your income.