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All we do is win song

Intro: DJ Khaled T-Pain, dJ Khaled, hey, yeah.
Ludacris goin' in blank canvas coupon code on the verse 'Cause I little mermaid gift box never been defeated and I won't stop now.
DJ Khaled - All I Do Is Win - Feat.
Got money on mind I can never get enough.Rick Ross, swerving in my Lolo, Head on the swivel, you know serving me's a.Please solve this captcha in helping us understand your behavior to grant access.Get "All I Do Is Win" on MP3: Get MP3 from Amazon, all I Do Is Win Lyrics.Ask you what you laughing at - represent perot museum tickets discount that mud life!Yellow bone passenger they see it, they say oh boy!Got twenty bank accounts, accountants count.
Verse 2: Rick Ross, win, win, who?"When I walk into the building, everybody's hands go up *gun cocks* And they stay there.".Clean as a whistle as I pull out in my Rolls Royce.Make millions every year, the souths champion.DJ Khaled - I'm On One (feat.Tell Khaled back it up, my n*ggas call me Loco that's for armed trafficking, don't make me pull that fo-fo.My verses still be servin tight like a million virgins.I never went no where, but they saying Luda's back, blame it on that conjure.And if you goin' in put your hands in the air make em stay there.Ludacris, ludacris goin in on the verse.

DJ Khaled - I'm Thuggin.
The hood call it Ludayac, and I'm on this foolish track so I spit my foolish flows.